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The spear watch is an Ana-Digi watch with an LED Screen to control the sports functions, The watch is more bulkier and tough, which provides the sense of protection the beetle gives.

The Anatomy Study

This is a process of studying and becoming accustomed to the anatomy of Beetle while sketching references of them from photographs or in real life. This process also entails dissecting the insect’s anatomy piece by piece and transforming the body into geometric shapes so that you can further analyze the shape of the insect in forms that can be used for inspiration.

Breaking Down the geometry of the insect to understand the parts and structure to be utilized for the form ideation.

The Shield


Creating forms from the beetle to find the most iconic form to use for the watch.

Creating forms for the cases and going wild in the explorations, Extracting the forms of the wasp to understand what part of the watch can be translated from the wasp.


Dial Explorations take inspiration from the form and patters of the wasp.

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