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The Summer Perfume from the 80's

Giocle is a fun perfume who's form is inspired from the Italian designer, Ettore Sottass's work and look. The perfume is called Giocle made by combining the Italian word for play (giocare) and sweet ( dolce).

The colors on the body go from green, yellow, red and pink, taking colors from a ripening mango which gives a sweet and sour taste.


Project By

Kathir Eswar

Project Duration

1 Day -Research

5 Days-Design


-Design Analysis
-Final Design


-Fusion 360
-Auto Cad

"When I was Young, all we ever heard about was functionalism, functionalism, functionalism. It's not enough. Design should also be sensual and exciting."

-Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass is a Italian designer, architect and artist.

Works in industrial design, architecture, jewelry, furniture, installations and art. He is widly regarded for finding Memphis, a design collaborative, mainly responsible for the 80's aesthetic.

The Aim of this project was to use Ettore Sottsass and his designs as an inspiration for the design of a perfume bottle. He is famous for using simple geometries, asymmetrical forms and bright poppy colors, which has been considered as a design philosophy for the perfume bottle.


Some of Ettore Sottsass's work

The Mango

(Design and Ideation)

The ideation for the design started with understanding what are the important aspects of Sottsass's work, which were: Playful, Colorful and Bold

image_157478385 (1).JPG
image_157478385 (6).JPG

Mangoes were chosen as a representation of summertime and liveliness, but with a surprising twist in flavour. The perfume has a distinctive ergonomic grip and a fruity smell.

Mockups     Mockups     Mockups     Mockups     Mockups    

giolce R1.324.jpg

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