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TRULY Stand out with comfort

Project By

Kathir Eswar

Project Duration

2 weeks -Research

3 weeks -Design


-Field Research
-Final Design


-Fusion 360
-Auto Cad


King is a specialized stool for guitarists, catering to their needs to practice and perform for long hours. The design inspired from a Kingfisher is suitable for any kind of concerts, events or gigs the musician might want to perform. 

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The Project

The goal of the project was to create modern furniture for a certain group of consumers that addresses a potential issue with the furniture they may be using.

Design Development

King is unique in its market since it caters exclusively to guitarists. This requires specialised information from musicians and the furniture they use, and several research and design analysis techniques were used to collect this information. Later, this research data was transformed into important aspects, which made it possible to build the stool.


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The Problem

Musical Performance Associated Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) are a common health problem among professional musicians


This kind of problems affect a majority of stringed-instrument players and is caused by un-ergonomic postures.

The Research

The Furniture market of Bhopal

Visiting the Furniture market of Bhopal City, Madhya Pradesh, to understand the process of furniture making

The Musicians

Understanding the postures of guitarists and the tools and furniture they use by doing posture studies and visiting studios

Points of Consideration

Adjustable height to allow users of all body types to sit freely and comfortably

Different types of guitars and stringed instruments need to be taken into consideration

Must allow for the user to have the right posture

The Design


The form of the stool is inspired from a diving kingfisher, a truly unique and standout organism, like the guitarist

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