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Kickstart Your Travel

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Kickstart your Travel

Mopod is a compact electric scooter that one could rent to travel around large spaces whilst also serving as their tour guide.

A kick scooter (also referred to as a push-scooter or scooter) is a human-powered street vehicle with a handlebar, deck, and wheels propelled by a rider pushing off the ground with their leg.

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Project By

Kathir Eswar

Project Duration

1 week -Research

2 weeks-Design


-Design Analysis
-Final Design


-Fusion 360
-Auto Cad

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To design an Electric Micro-Mobility which will help users among various age groups to travel the area with ease and also serve as a tour guide for the location.

Key Market Demographics 

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The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • A Compact travel solution

  • Reduces Problems related to parking

  • Can access narrow and shorter routes

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Cheaper for long term usage

  • Cheaper maintenance.

  • Cheaper travel.

The Cons

  • Need to charge frequently

  • Amount to be carried with

  • Depends on quality of roads

  • Safety


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Moving on....

Ideation Phase 1- Coming up with concepts which are friendly to all age groups and is compact enough to carry it to places.

Ideation phase 2 -Narrowing down to a few concepts and creating a unique look

Design Project III.png
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Mockups     Mockups     Mockups     Mockups     Mockups    


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