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The Hexapods of Horology

The SF Entoma is a collection of sports watches inspired from insects. The collection has two watches, the Spear and the Shield.

The spear inspired from the wasp and the shield inspired from the beetle. Both armored insects which fit the SF brand line 

The Target Group

Age Group: 13-25

The Selected Consumer group fits in with SF's targeted consumer group, which is Teenagers and Young Adults, particularly those between the ages of 13 and 25 who lead active lifestyles or prefer to do so.


Generation Hashtag

This age group is referred to as the Generation Hashtag, which is likely to include those who are inspired by social media, advanced technology, and contemporary businesses. Their daily inspirations range from the media they watch to the individuals they interact with, and they always endeavor to stay with the current trends.

The Inspirations

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The Potter Wasps

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Shining Leaf Beetle

The Watches

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The Beetle

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The Wasp

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