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The Fruit bowl of the Past and the Future

The tiki fruit bowl is a contemporary-tropical themed fruit bowl which can ward off pests from attacking the stored fruits. It uses special scent dispenser and natural pesticide plant scents to ward off pests that come near the bowl.

It is designed after the contemporary-tropical theme, from it's colors to it's wood and hut like form. The capsule, with loaded natural pesticide scents, is placed behind the bowl and when twisted in ,switches on the bowl.

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The Brief

Families opt for a healthier lifestyle by consuming more fruits and vegetables, but in most homes they are not stored efficiently and maintained outside the fridge in a unhygienic state due to pests ( Insects, Flies, Lizards, Harmful microbes), and change in temperature. The goal is to design a product or solution to store and manage fruits and vegetables in the home in a more hygienic way.

Project By

Kathir Eswar

Project Duration

1 weeks -Research

2 weeks -Design


-Literature study
-Primary data
-Final Design


-Fusion 360
-Auto Cad

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The Science Behind it.......

Chemical pesticides may kill incoming bugs, but they also harm the product and the ecosystem around it. Nature has straightforward remedies for this. In order to avoid using dangerous pesticides in produce gardens, several plant and herb fragrances naturally deter pests.

These natural scents, which are released through the fruit bowl's vents, deter pests from your produce while at the same time without detracting from the flavour of your fruits.

Scents used









The Design

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Finding the ideal form, which was meant to be simple and fit all kinds of houses.

The final form is inspired from tropical huts with elevated legs.

And trying out variations in the same form to look into multiple sizes and looks.

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Long legs that raise the body off the ground make it more difficult for insects or other pests to climb.

Led lights indicating to amount of scent left in the bowl.

Two amazing colors inspired from tropical nature.

The odour  bottles, which are filled with plant scents that deter pests.

There is a slot for the scent bottle to be loaded, and once it is, the LED lights up front will display the quantity and the fact that the liquid has been effectively filled.

To lock the bottle in place, it only needs to be inserted through the slot and turned.

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